Celebrity Cribs

If you had an excessive budget what would your dream home look like? Where would it be and what would you have inside of it? How would you decorate it?

We know we would never be able to afford them, but it’s always nice to ogle over the extravagant properties of the rich and famous.


Leonardo DiCaprio’s Palm Spring Pad

Who needs an Oscar when you have a brand new luxury Palm Springs home worth £3.1 million?

Leonardo Di Caprio’s most recent addition to his portfolio of A-list homes spans over 7,000 square feet and includes a full size tennis court, floor to ceiling glass walls and wooden ceilings. The mid-century home boasts six bedrooms, eight bathrooms, a pool and a bar.

Leonardo home
And incase you’re not envious enough, DiCaprio also owns a Malibu beach house, a penthouse in Manhattan, a condo in Battery Park City and a luxury Hollywood home.


The Smith’s Family Residence

If you go by the saying “the bigger the better” then you might prefer the Smith’s family abode.

Featuring a meditation house, an artificial lake, tennis, volleyball and basketball courts and a recording studio, the Californian family home is said to be worth over £26 million and pans over 25,000 square feet. In fact, the home is so big that it requires its own personal ZIP code.

Will Smith home

The interior also represents Persian, Moroccan, Spanish, as well as Southwest American cultures thanks to the Smiths’ collection of antique carved panels, doors, and architectural details.


Beckingham Palace

Slightly closer to home is the Beckham’s West London five story mansion which encloses eight bedrooms and seven bathrooms. The couple paid over £30 million for this house which stands on one of the smartest streets in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.

Beckhams home

Well what’s so good about this house I hear you ask – how about secret underground tunnels running beneath a huge oriental garden, hidden doors built into bookcases and a basement spa?
The house boasts a huge playroom for the couple’s four children and to cater to fashionista Victoria’s needs, a cat-walk style runway, walk-in wardrobes and four nail bars.

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