Five Favourite Easter Marketing Campaigns

There’s a definite positive vibe around today, the sun is shining and everyone is looking forward to that extra-long weekend off work. So take some time, relax and check out some of the best Easter campaigns we’ve seen this year.


Can you think of a better way to spend your four day weekend than picking up on some home improvement and DIY jobs? Well I’m sure you can, but B&Q is hoping to change your mind with this £10m advertising campaign.

Accompanied by Snap’s ‘I’ve got the power’, the TV spot inspires gardeners, decorators and men of meat to get up off the sofa and ‘unleash their inner B&Q’.

The campaign is the first for B&Q by marketing and advertising agency WCRS and the 60 second TV advert featuring the iconic orange apron will also be supported by two 30 second executions promoting new B&Q products.


Cadbury and National Trust Easter Egg Trails

Cadburys and National Trust have joined forces on this one to create some good old chocolate-inspired family fun at Easter. Now in its seventh year running the Easter egg trails has proved to be a success all over the country.

The trail is said to inspire children’s inner adventurer and transform them into an ‘Eggsplorer’. They’ll receive a make-it-yourself pith helmet, a journal containing clues they’ll need to complete the trail and a Passport to be stamped along the way, and on completing the trail they will be rewarded with a Cadbury Easter egg.


Changes for 2014 includes a revamped website, featuring photo sharing mechanics for Facebook and Twitter and even more locations, as it now runs in over 300 parks across the UK.



This creative campaign from Virgin trains has turned the usual “Kids go free” offer on its head by giving parents the chance to go free with a child’s ticket.

Illustrated with humorous images of a parent and child with their head swapped, Creative Director, Nick Hastings has saidthe unfamiliar deal will “stand out a mile” (unsure if the pun was intended!)


Unfortunately, the promotion is only available to families from the Midlands traveling to London and will run up until 27th April.



Now we’ve all already seen, laughed and got bored of the dancing chick on our TV screens in their new Easter themed advert but there is more to come from Asda!


The supermarket giant has teamed up with app creators, Zappar, to create ‘The Easter Adventure Hunt’, an in-store game that challenges shoppers to find three Easter ‘friends’ hidden within stores.

These ‘friends’ will be life-size character stickers which will be placed in around 400 Asda stores. When zapped using the app on smartphone or tablet, the characters reveal a “hidden world” underneath the store floor.

The retailer will also be (very bravely) handing out iPads for shoppers without smartphones.


HELL Pizza

I thought I’d finish with this very controversial yet quite disturbing stunt I came across from New Zealand-based pizza purveyor – HELL Pizza. To help promote their new Easer themed pizza, rabbit pizza (!), they have created a fluffy billboard made from real dead rabbits.


Top 10 April Fool’s Stunts

PR Practitioners everywhere seemed to have a field day yesterday! Here’s my list of the top 10 pranks of the day:


Regular pranksters Google certainly did not disappoint this year! Now I could probably write a whole post purely on Google’s April Fools stunts from yesterday, but I’ll cut to the chase:

Google Nose: First up is Google Nose, as its name implies, the service lets you search to find out what your queries smell like. You make think that only an idiot would believe it, but after reading some long technical words, many of us must have pulled our screens a little closer and had a sniff!

Google Maps Treasure Mode: Google created a treasure map mode on Google Maps along with a video announcement telling us that the ‘Google Maps Street View team’ have found a treasure map belonging to an infamous pirate. They said the map contains a variety of encrypted symbols which you are tasked with decoding.

Gmail Blue: This one is said to be a dig at Microsoft’s future Windows 8 revamp, also to be named Blue. Google created an almost two minute long video explaining the new technology that is going into their new Gmail design, only to find out at the end, that they just coloured everything blue!

Google seemed to have a bottom-less budget in their marketing and PR department this year. They also made up pranks with Google+, Australian Google Street View, Google Enterprise and…

YouTube took to their blog and posted a video to tell us that their site was set up merely as a way to find the best online video in the world. The video claimed that they had enough footage to end the competition and close down the page.

If you happened to be on yesterday (which I’m sure you didn’t), you would have got a shock. The site completely changed how it looked if you typed “google” in the rival search engine. It was still regular Bing under the surface but the layout was a copy of Google’s. And just for an extra dig, you could either press the “Search” or the hilarious “I’m Feeling Confused” button instead.

Yesterday morning Twitter announced it will no longer allow the use of vowels in tweets. The social networking site said that by eliminating vowels, they are helping tweeters to a “more efficient, and ‘dense’ form of communication.” And if you really can’t live in a world without vowels, Twttr (as it renamed itself) will allow you to tweet A, E, I, O and U for the small fee of $5 a month.

Sony Animalia
Sony had us all laughing with a video telling us they are releasing a new “Animalia” line of products for your tech product-starved pets. Because apparently your hamsters needs a good beat whilst on their exercise wheels and your cat would love some headphones to block humans out!

Virgin Atlantic Glass Bottom Plane
The folks at Virgin Atlantic Airways can never pass up an April Fools. This year they took to Richard Branson’s blog to reveal a glass-bottom airplane supposedly made so we can “appreciate the beauty of the British landscape” whilst flying!

BMW Pram
BMW unveiled a new product yesterday, a pram! Or should I say ‘the limited edition BMW P.R.A.M. (Postnatal Royal Auto Mobile).’  Available in Princess Pink or Royal Blue, the soft-top convertible has been designed especially for the arrival of the new Royal baby.

The Metro
I won’t deny it, this April fool even got me! The Metro published a roundup of stunts from yesterday such as The Sun joking that the Angel of the North will be renamed ‘Cheryl Cole’ and the Guardian trying to fool us that scientist have bred rabbits with human ears. Only when you get to the end do you realise they were all completely made up!

Sacla Italia
Italian food brand Sacla added a touch of tech to its April Fool’s joke with the announcement of its latest product, ‘Twitteroni pasta – Eat what you tweet’. Rather like tinned alphabet spaghetti, Twitteroni pasta is shaped into letters, but also includes hash tags and the @ symbol.

The Huffington Post
The latest addition to the London skyline became the world’s best thrill-ride according to The Huffington Post yesterday when they unveiled ‘The Shlide’ – the helter-skelter style slide around Europe’s tallest skyscraper, The Shard.


What was your favourite April fool’s stunt from yesterday? Is there anything I’ve missed?

Top 5 Valentines PR and Social Stunts

It’s almost that time of the year again which most of us dread. Red roses and pink love hearts smeared over every shop, no chance of table reservations and a depressing 24-hours for all singletons – its Valentine’s Day. But love it or hate it, it’s a great time for PR stunts and campaigns and here are five of my favourites from recent times:

1. #TweetHeart

These days it seems that social networking is the most popular way to channel our love and emotions and companies have been using this to their full advantage this Valentine’s day. A popular online blog – Not on the High Street – came up with the idea of offering a very unique and personal gift this February 14th. They have created a competition in which contestants must tweet a special message stating why they love their valentine and including the link, #TweetHeart. The top 10 tweets will be turned into a love song, performed and recorded by a band called ‘The Coopers’ and posted online for their partner to see. You can read more about it here.

2. ‘The Twosie’

Asda's twosie as seen on their websiteSupermarket chain Asda did a brilliant job of getting plenty of pre-valentine’s day media coverage, by introducing The Twosie. After a survey on Facebook told them that most couples would be staying in this Valentine’s day (and after the onesie trend still doing so well) George at Asda decided to do the obvious, stick two onesies together, and produce the twosie, before posting it on their website.

A soft fleecy double poncho with bunny design hoods and ears, embroidered faces and ‘Love Bunnies’ print on the back and for just £25, it sold out in record time.

3. Love Advice from Britain’s Oldest Couple

Last year, Britain’s oldest couple took to twitter and dished out love and relationship advice to the public. Lionel and Ellen Buxton, who will be celebrating 77 years of marriage this summer, tweeted on behalf of a wedding video company, called Shoot it Yourself. Although they haven’t tweeted since, their messages can still be seen on their twitter page @lionelandellen.

This resulted in some very interesting tweets, and gained some great coverage from newspapers such as the Daily Mail and the Sun.

4. Flaming Grill Facebook Date

This Valentine’s day, Flaming Grill Pubs are playing match maker. It has launched a campaign in order to increase activity of its Facebook page. Basically, you must join the page and choose a date from your Facebook friends. You are then in with a chance to win a meal for two with a bottle of wine thrown in!

A simple idea which will be no doubt rather popular with the men!

5. A Sex Guarantee

A Scottish clothes retailer named Foul Fashion is offering shoppers a ‘sex guarantee’. It will give its customers a full refund this month if its unusually colourful shirts don’t attract the opposite sex.

It may be slightly sleazy, but is certain to turn heads. The stunt has already been covered by multiplenewspapers and PR websites, appeared on This Morning and created a hell of a lot of activity on Twitter.

Have I missed anything? Do you have any favourite PR stunts for Valentine’s Day to share?