Student Wire

Recently the team at Dinosaur PR  launched an online student magazine – Student Wire. A website specifically for students, written by students about being a student! Whilst on a two week work placement with the agency, I was lucky enough to get involved.


Their client The Student Store wanted to create a thriving online community of students who can help each other out, give advice and provide great content and articles. The team at Dinosaur got to work and put together focus groups of students from local universities to bring together ideas of what we could do. We came up with Student Wire.  Emilie Sillett, a second year public relations undergraduate and current intern at Dinosaur PR was made editor of the website due to her bubbly personality and passion for blog writing. She was then asked to recruit a team of budding journalists to help her write for the magazine.


After the website had been set up, it was time for it to go live and see what the public made of it. To gain interest, the site was seeded online through social media and student forums, getting as many people as possible to check it out and create a buzz around and about the site. After just two weeks Student Wire is a great success and a hit with under graduates from several universities in the UK.


So far writers from Leeds Metropolitan, Liverpool John Moore’s, University of Salford and London Metropolitan provide advice, news and ideas on anything from how to choose your student accommodation to how to cure a hangover. Emilie is always looking for interesting features and creative writers so drop her an email if you think you are cut out for the job –

For an idea of some of the topics we write about at Student Wire, check out my favourite posts so far:

  1. The Student Halls Lottery by Sarah Raynard
  2. Clubbing.. Why bother? by editor, Emilie Sillett
  3. Celebrities And Their Surprising, Unrelated Degrees by Amanda Champion
  4. And have a look at my own article, Technology That Will Make Life Easier.


And finally, the sponsors of Student Wire – the Student Store have recently launched a photo competition of ‘the work space from hell’.  Be it your messy student house, your dirty desk or your rotten bedroom we want to see. The winner will be determined by public vote via the Student Wire Facebook page – so be creative as possible and you could be in with a chance £100 shopping voucher and the Adobe Creative Cloud software up for grabs! Apply here.

Making The Most Out Of Summer

It’s that time of the year where every student starts looking forward to the summer holidays, and hopefully some warmer weather. But 3 weeks in and nothing to do, it can become very boring very quickly. So start making plans now to ensure you won’t be sat through 3 months of boredom. 

Part time job
It’s easier said than done but a summer job is usually plan A for most students. Start early, print out a pile of CVs and hand them out to bars and shops. Major companies will advertise online so don’t forget to spend time searching the web. And with current employment problems, it’s all about who you know, ask your friends and family if there are any vacancies at their work place and ask them to recommend you.

Working Abroad
Does the thought of spending 3 months working at your local pub bore you to death? Widen your horizons – work abroad! You might be surprised to know that as part of the European Union, UK citizens can plan a working holiday in Europe with ease – there is no need for a visa! There are usually plenty of opportunities especially in popular 18-30 holiday destinations. But if that’s not your scene, there’s always Camp America or Camp Leaders. Check out your university’s website or Anywork Anywhere for more opportunities.

Placement/Work Experience
Working for free might not be at the top of your list for fun things to do over summer but a couple of weeks work experience whilst you have nothing else to do can become extremely useful in the future. You’d be surprised how many business owners would be grateful for student help over summer. Email local business or have a look on Step to see if anything interests you.

Plan a budget holiday
Admittedly you may not be getting the hot weather you are hoping for whilst staying in the UK and you may also think that being a student, you won’t be able to go away this summer – think again!

  • The best thing to do is avoid going away in the school holidays, plan to go in May or early June, as soon as you finish university. Alternatively, early September before your next year starts.
  • Spend time on different websites looking for the best offers, last minute deals are usually the best value for money so don’t worry if you haven’t got anything booked yet.
  • If you’re travelling in Europe, make sure you have an EHIC card They’re FREE and can get you free or discounted medical care in all countries in the EU.
  • Order your currency before you go – that way, you’ll get a decent rate and will be able to stick to a more realistic budget. Plus, using a cash machine abroad can end up costing you a fortune.

Make the most of your family
Finally, remember to see the family and friends you don’t have chance to visit while you’re away at university – I’m sure they’ll appreciate it!

Top 5 Student Discounts

Being a student isn’t all fun and games, especially when it’s time to check your bank balance. Luckily for us, more and more companies are realising this, and offering students discounts on their products. I’ve rounded up the top 5 ways to make the most of your money whilst being at University:

Online shopping is becoming more and more appealing for lazy students like myself. UNIDAYS offers online discount codes for multiple big name fashion stores such as ASOS, Urban Outfitters and Office. It’s free and simple to sign up – you just need your university email address to prove you’re a student. They usually offer 10% off but from time to time there will be 20% or 30% off so keep an eye out!

Student Beans
Student Beans has all kinds of student and general offers in one place, ranging from discounted Alton Towers tickets to a free Kinder Bueno. You can even search for offers specifically for your area. The website will also show you any sales that are currently running.

No matter how skint students are, we always manage to have a very expensive smart phone in our hands. Vodafone is helping us out by offering 10% off selected pay monthly phones, iPads, tablets and SIM only price plans. On top of that, you can get up to £200 for your old phone with Vodafone Buyback.

Foursquare App
Foursquare isn’t exclusively for students but it’s a good way to save money on eating out. Download the foursquare app to your smart phone and see what deals are in your area. For example, restaurants could give you 25% off your bill if you ‘check in’ using the app.

The Student Store
Computer software such as Microsoft Office is essential for all students. Phoneix Software Student Store supplies a wide range of programmes at discounted prices. This is particularly great for students studying graphics, film or game developing as all the Adobe software is available, including the Adobe Creative Cloud for only £15.88 a month.